Academic Programs (Undergraduate & Graduate) 学部・大学院


Kyoto Seika strives to be a place where individuals learn to become independent, contributing members of society through academics and the arts based on a respect for humanity. This philosophy, combined with our educational objective to train students who will change the world through creative expression, underpins the university's undergraduate and graduate programs.

Kyoto Seika comprises five undergraduate faculties that have each built highly specialized curriculums and connect to the world through expressive mediums: The Faculty of Art, where students can hone their skills and grow as individuals; the Faculty of Design, where students learn to solve social issues through the power of design; the Faculty of Manga, where students build global bridges with manga; the Faculty of Global Culture, where students pursue ways for improving quality of life in diverse communities; And the Faculty of Media Creation, where students develop new forms of expression using technology.

Faculty of Global Culture

Toward a better society where global and local perspectives live in harmony with diversity

Faculty of Media Creation

Propose new value for a ever-changing society through digital innovation

Department of Media Creation

Media Innovation Course / Media Designs Course / Media Communication Course / Sound Creation Course

Faculty of Art

Develop your imagination and hone your skills to attain your own unique form of expression

Faculty of Design

Applying the power of design to social solutions

Department of Illustration

Department of Product Design

Department of Architecture

Faculty of Manga

Master the Power of Manga to Connect the World

Department of Animation

Graduate Programs

Training globally-minded artists, creators, and researchers through practical approaches in an environment without borders