Diversity ダイバーシティの取り組み


Kyoto Seika University has been a proponent of diversity since its establishment in 1968, before the concept had taken root in Japanese society. At its core, an education at Kyoto Seika is committed to respecting differences and embracing each other as equals.In 2016, amid massive global changes in the social climate, we announced our Declaration on Diversity Promotion, which outlines our basic philosophy on—and dedication to—diversity.Then, in April 2018, we announced a new declaration and action policy that incorporates a clear concept and specific details of diversity promotion.Going forward, we are committed to building not only a better campus environment but also a better society by continuing to review and build upon initiatives outlined in our action policy.

Outline of Diversity Promotion

Grow with our differences

President’s Statement on Diversity

Kyoto Seika University, committed to its founding principle of “freedom and autonomy” and to the ideal of “respect for human dignity” based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, aims to be an academic community in which all members, including students, faculty and staff, can learn and grow through embracing one another’s differences.To this end, we aim to promote diversity, which we understand to be an evolving set of practices and policies that encourage “mutual acceptance and understanding among individuals of different backgrounds and attributes in an educational community where all have equal access to opportunity.”
Each of us has multiple attributes, some easily noticed (such as age, race, sex, physical characteristics, or gender expression) and some less easily recognized (such as nationality, religious affiliation, family background, place of birth, style of working, gender identity or sexual orientation).Openly acknowledging our individual differences, we aim to create a campus environment where no individual member will be denied opportunity, be excluded, or experience discrimination, and to implement inclusive policies that ensure equal opportunity for all members of the academic community as they learn, study, conduct research and work.
At Kyoto Seika University, the promotion of diversity does not simply refer to organizational development or reform.Through continually providing opportunities to experience diversity in all areas of campus life, we aim to foster awareness of our connections to others.In the process of coming to understand our differences, new values are encountered and we learn “to imagine the other”; this leads to new discoveries and ways of thinking that will enhance learning and creativity in the entire community.For these reasons, we reaffirm our commitment to the promotion of diversity and to the creation of new values at a time when we face many uncertainties in our rapidly changing world.
April 2018
President Oussouby SACKO

Action Policy

Kyoto Seika University is committed to the following five diversity promotion initiatives.
1. Improving the campus environment
We will improve the following three aspects of the campus environment, so that all students, faculty, and staff can enjoy campus life regardless of individual backgrounds and attributes.
(1) Academics and student life
(2) Education and research by faculty and staff
(3) Faculty and staff employment
2. Fostering awareness
We will provide continual opportunities to foster awareness and gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of diversity and inclusion.
3. Encouraging interaction
We will foster a campus environment that encourages interaction among members of the Kyoto Seika community to promote the understanding of diversity.
4. Educational community
We will promote an educational community and personnel training that reflects diversity.
5. Information disclosure
We will publish and disclose information on the university’s diversity promotion efforts, both on campus and elsewhere.

Our Diversity Initiatives

Initiatives to improve the campus environment

For students
  • Students are allowed to change their name or gender records for reasons such as gender dysphoria or use of a common name (since 2016).
  • A special time slot for regular health checkups is set aside for people with gender dysphoria or health conditions (since 2013).
  • Gender is not shown on any certificates issued by the university (since 2017).
  • We provide academic support for students with disabilities (since 1970).
For all members of the Kyoto Seika community
  • We have 24 “Toilets for Everyone” on campus that anyone can use (since 2016).
  • Meat products are clearly labelled on the cafeteria menu (since 2017).
  • A harassment response desk is available (since 2007).
For faculty and staff
  • The definition of spouses covered by special leave and condolence payments under the employment regulations for faculty and staff has been expanded to include partners in same-sex marriages and other marriages (since 2016).

Initiatives to foster awareness

  • We are conducting a university-wide survey to ascertain the level of awareness and the needs of students, faculty, and staff regarding the promotion of diversity on campus (since 2017).
  • We hold several public lecture events throughout the year that anyone can attend to increase their knowledge and understanding of diversity and inclusion (since 2017).
  • We have created a “Diversity-Aware Student Guidance and Campus Communication Guide” and distributed it in electronic form to all faculty and staff (since 2018).

Initiatives to encourage interaction

  • We hold several participatory social events during the year that anyone can attend (since 2017).

Initiatives for personnel training and a diverse educational community

  • Our faculty application guidelines clearly state that “female and overseas researcher candidates are encouraged to apply and will be actively recruited if their research achievements are comparable to those of other candidates” (since 2017).
  • We provide training for faculty and staff to deepen their knowledge and understanding of diversity (since 2017).

Initiatives for Information Disclosure

  • The President’s Statement on Diversity and the support available on campus are clearly stated in the course guide distributed to all students (since 2017).
  • Information related to diversity at the university is available on our website (since 2018).

Center for Diversity and Inclusion

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion was established in April 2017 as an organization where faculty and staff members working across different departments and affiliations come together to conduct research and analysis for policy on issues related to diversity promotion throughout the university. It is also responsible for planning and managing a variety of events related to diversity and inclusion.