Facilities and Campus Map 施設紹介・キャンパスマップ


The Kyoto Seika campus covers approximately 200,000 square meters and is home to a full range of facilities and equipment.There are 22 buildings, each well equipped for its purpose. A dedicated workshop has been set up in the production building, which is mainly used for practical courses in the faculties of Art, Design, and Manga.In addition, the university is one of the country's most generous in terms of per-capita student production space,which provides an environment with enough room for students to pursue creative growth.Aichi-kan, completed in 2021, is a new lecture hall mainly used by the faculties of Global Culture and Media Creation.

The newly renovated Meiso-kan, slated for completion in March 2022, will be equipped with large lecture rooms and a gallery space.At Joho-kan, the university library, students have access to over 200,000 books, CDs, DVDs, magazines, and newspapers.The library is the foundation of our educational and research activities, and a central hub for students to study on their own.The campus also features a gymnasium, complete with a fitness center, as well as a track, tennis courts, and futsal courts where students stay in shape and take part in extracurricular clubs and activities.

List of University Facilities

  • Hon-kan

    H: Hon-kan

    Administrative Offices
    Character Design Studio
    Computer Labs
    ICT Support Center
    Student Health Services
    Student Counseling Office
    Bus Stop

  • Yuyu-kan

    U: Yuyu-kan

    Convenience Store
    Art Supplies

  • M: Meiso-kan

    Large hall
    Gallery Terra-S
    Global cafeteria
    Learning commons
    Activity commons
    Communication center(IC3)
    Global lounge
    Event hall

  • Joho-kan

    J: Joho-kan


  • A: Aichi-kan

    Lecture Halls
    Computer Labs

  • Yuai-kan

    Y: Yuai-kan

    Music Rehearsal Studio
    Fashion Studio
    Multi-Purpose Hall “Agora”

  • Reimei-kan

    L: Reimei-kan

    Lecture Halls
    Computer Labs (CALL Classrooms)

  • Shunju-kan

    S: Shunju-kan

    Lecture Halls
    Convenience Store

  • Taiho-kan

    T: Taiho-kan

    Printmaking Studio
    Video & Media Arts Studio
    Graphic Design Studio
    Digital Creation Studio
    Cartoon Art Studio
    Animation Studio

  • Jizai-kan

    Z: Jizai-kan

    Faculty of Art First Year Studio
    Comic Art Studio
    Graduate School Studios
    Computer Labs

  • Fuko-kan

    F: Fuko-kan

    Ceramics Studio
    Illustration Studio
    Product Communication Studio
    Interior and Goods Design Studio
    Architecture Studio
    Graduate School Studios

  • Kyumei-kan

    Q: Kyumei-kan

    Wood Workshop

  • Nanago-kan

    7: Nanago-kan

    Oil Painting Studio
    Sculpture Studio
    Product Communication Studio

  • Gogo-kan

    5: Gogo-kan

    Japanese Painting Studio
    Architecture Studio
    Human Environment Design Studio

  • Kosai-kan

    K: Kosai-kan

    Textiles Studio

  • Ryukei-kan

    R: Ryukei-kan

    Faculty Offices
    Lecture Halls
    Humanities Student Commons (Casa)
    Humanities Library
    Graduate School Studios

  • Seifu-kan

    C: Seifu-kan

    Lecture Halls
    New Generation Manga Studio

  • Gymnasium

    G: Gymnasium

    Gymnasium (Arena)
    Fitness Center

  • Enyu-kan

    E: Enyu-kan

    Club Rooms


  • Animals

    Deer Park
    Peacock Shed

Joho-kan & Gallery

Kyoto Seika operates facilities both on and off campus to support student education and research. Gallery Terra-S and the Joho-kan, which houses the university library and media center, are located on campus while other facilities, including the Kyoto International Manga Museum and Satellite Space kara-S, are off-campus.

Virtual Campus Tour

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