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This is the official website of Kyoto Seika University.


The following applies only to official content in pages of the above websites.

About this Website

  • This website is authorized by Kyoto Seika University and managed by the University’s Public Relations Committee.
  • Kyoto Seika and its Public Relations Committee are not responsible for the content of external sites linked on the pages of this website, nor for the content of websites created by students or student organizations.
  • The University is also not responsible for incoming links to its pages or content.
  • Please feel free to link to this website’s top page ( as necessary. However, if you directly link to other pages or images etc. we would appreciate notification.
  • Please note that published content may be updated without notification.
  • Please email any comments about this website to the Public Relations Office.


The rights to all content published on this website (text, photographs, video, graphics, programs etc.) belong to the University and the persons providing such content to the University.
Content is protected under copyright law and may not be made use of for purposes other than the scope of private usage as defined in copyright law. Further, it is strictly prohibited in any way whatsoever to supply the content for use to a third party without permission of the copyright-holder, including modifying, duplicating, leasing, loaning, selling, publishing, sending or broadcasting. However, in the case of content separately copyrighted with individual provisions for usage, such conditions are given preference.

Protection of Personal Data

Names, addresses and other personal information gathered when registering for email newsletters and requesting brochures are used in order to conduct statistical aggregation and send notifications from the University, including documents, email newsletters, and to hold consultations with applicants. Such use is carried out by appropriate entrusted contractors and the personal data supplied at the time of application is only used for purposes defined by Kyoto Seika; the contractors never use it beyond their contacted duties.
IIn addition, this website maintains a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) in order to protect transmitted personal information. When using browsers with security functions (such as Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer), inputted names, addresses and telephone numbers etc. are automatically encrypted when sent and received, so that even in the remote chance of a third party intercepting the transmitted data there is no possibility of data theft occurring. Please be aware that users of non-SSL-compliant browsers may experience difficulties in accessing the website or inputting information.


Kyoto Seika optimizes ease of use by emphasizing web accessibility and the following considerations:
  • At the top of all pages the Kyoto Seika University logo links back to the top page of the website.
  • To facilitate routing to destination pages inside the website, navigation has been configured with main navigation, breadcrumb navigation, quick links, and search functions.
  • Non-text information is supported where possible by text providing equivalent information.

Website Technology

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