Develop your imagination and hone your skills to attain your own unique form of expression

First-year students in the Faculty of Art do not choose a specific course. Instead, they study a common curriculum designed to develop their observation and critical thinking skills and broaden their horizons. Students also gain experience studying a field of their choice from among seven courses (Western painting, Japanese painting, sculpture, ceramics, textiles, printmaking, and film). From their second year onward, students focus on studying their chosen course. In their fourth year, students undertake their graduation work, a capstone project that is the culmination of their studies. At Kyoto Seika, students develop their imagination, hone their skills, and attain a form of expression unique to them.

First-Year General Education

One distinguishing feature of the Faculty of Art curriculum is that students have plenty of time to explore in their first year of study before choosing a course when they advance to their second year. During the first year, emphasis is placed on learning across different disciplines without being limited to one area or specialization. With more opportunities to see things from different perspectives, students are able to discover their hidden talents and potential, which helps them choose the specialization that suits them best.

About the Faculty of Art

A rich production environment, enabling students to attain their own unique forms of expression

With dedicated equipment, workshops, studios for each of the seven course offered by the Faculty of Art, Kyoto Seika boasts some of the most well-equipped facilities and largest production spaces of any art university in Japan, and students are free to devote themselves to turning their ideas into works of art.