Giving to Kyoto Seika 寄付について


Kyoto Seika University was founded in 1968 on the educational principle of “respect for humanity" based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Japanese Constitution.Over the half-century since then, we have strived to educate artists and creators who can change the world through a curriculum that teaches culture and the arts.
In 2018, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the university’s founding and launched VISION 2024 SEIKA, a major restructuring plan for the next fifty years.This plan is a testament to Kyoto Seika’s commitment to furthering culture and creative expression through reforms that include organizational reform and global exchange activities to build upon our existing strengths as a university: creative expression, the liberal arts, and a global outlook.
Kyoto Seika University has begun its journey toward this new plane of learning.To achieve this vision, we are making drastic efforts to cut costs wherever possible, but the reality is that we need your help.
We humbly ask for your financial support and cooperation as alumni, parents, and the local community band together to build an even better Kyoto Seika University.

Individual Donations

If you would like to make a donation as an individual, please click the button below.

How Your Donation Is Used

1. Support for Student Life

Kyoto Seika University has established a variety of scholarships and tuition waivers for domestic and international students to keep them from quitting school due to financial reasons. Our mission is to provide support so that students never have to give up on their education.

2. Support for Research & Cultural Activities

Donations received for research and cultural activities will be used for Kyoto Seika’s free public lectures and experiential workshops in addition to the maintenance and operation of our cultural facilities and satellite spaces.
Main Lectures: Assembly Hour Lecture / Okamoto Seiichi Memorial Lecture
Main Cultural Facilities: Kyoto International Manga Museum / Kyoto Seika University Satellite Space Demachi
*Kyoto Seika University, in cooperation with the City of Kyoto, operates the Kyoto International Manga Museum, which conducts research on manga culture, organizes exhibitions and events, and collects, archives, and exhibits valuable manga materials.The number of tourists has decreased significantly due to COVID-19, resulting in a significant drop in museum revenue.We ask for your financial support so that we may continue collecting and archiving valuable manga materials.

3. Support for Facility Maintenance

Donations received for facility maintenance will be used for the construction of new buildings and the installation of new facilities and equipment.