Be inspired by Kyoto’s dynamic popular culture and superb traditional arts! Take this opportunity to experience the city’s unique, richly fascinating, world-renowned heritage!

Unfortunately, the program for 2023 will be suspended due to various reasons. 

PROGRAM UPDATE – January 15, 2022

We are pleased to announce that we will accept applications for our Kyoto Inspiration 2022 summer program—hoping of course that the current ban on the entry of overseas visitors to Japan will be lifted in time to welcome participants in July.
The application period will be from March 15 to April 15. Placements will be confirmed by April 30. A final decision will be made on whether the program can go ahead by May 14, ahead of the participation fee payment deadline.  
The program will be scheduled for the first two weeks of July. Implementation will depend on the Covid situation—which is impossible to predict at present. It is very likely that if entry is permitted, Immigration regulations will require a quarantine period on arrival, but as yet, no official statement has been issued about this.
Download tentative program schedule here.
Inquiries welcom:

Program concept

‘Kyoto Inspiration’ is a special program providing participants with insights into how Kyoto’s traditional culture has provided a base, nurture and inspiration for innovations in past and present-day Japan’s popular media and arts. Drawing from a wide spectrum of interrelated sources, we will build an overview of how ongoing creative, social, aesthetic, spiritual and worldly influences from Kyoto’s past have contributed to shaping present-day popular media and culture, including manga, anime, fashion, and game development.

Academic status

This program is open to university/college students or graduates, in principle. Priority is given to students of our partner institutions. Graduating high school seniors may also be considered. No academic credits are given, but a certificate of completion will be provided. A transcript can also be provided if required for independent study documentation.


‘Kyoto Inspiration’ 2022 will be a 14-day program, comprising lectures, workshops and field trips. It will be held from Saturday, July 2 through Friday, July 15, with check-in on July 1. Application period: March 15 to April 15. Inquiries welcome!
Two free days are scheduled for participants’ personal explorations.


Mostly shared rooms will be provided on campus (included in program fee)


(with translation from Japanese where necessary)