Changing the World Through the Power of Expression

Kyoto Seika University is committed to empowering students to shape the world through creative expression. A half century after opening our gates, our founding principle of respect for humanity, freedom, and autonomy is alive and well among the faculty, staff, and students as we continue to change and evolve.

A University in the Heart of Japan

Kyoto Seika is located in the ancient Japanese capital of Kyoto. This beautiful and historic city is known worldwide as a tourist destination and cultural hotspot. It is a place where old and new coexist, where skilled artisans practice centuries-old crafts next door to cutting-edge industries that produce electronic components, precision instruments, and the latest cultural content, such as manga, anime, and video games. Kyoto Seika is committed to providing a diverse education that takes advantage of this rich cultural heritage.


Kyoto Seika University welcomes international students and other individuals from a variety of diverse backgrounds.
There are no restrictions on admissions based on nationality or country of origin.


[Notice] Entrance examinations and classes at Kyoto Seika University are conducted in Japanese. International students who apply must satisfy requirements for Japanese language proficiency and status of residence.

Global Engagement