Teaching Philosophy & Skills

The New Generation MANGA course was created with the aim to expand new possibilities for manga and foster new manga artists of the next generation. With the undergoing of great shifts in today's business models involving printed books, this curriculum offers immediate responses to future "ways of drawing, writing and selling," and trains artists who can offer new styles of expression. Unlike the craftsmanship of manga artists of the past, artists will meet the skills of both producer and marketer, as an overall creator of entertainment.

Learning outcomes

  • 1. The basics of manga creation, including "name" making (rough drafts), pen techniques, and digital image creating.

    2. Project proposals, presentation opportunities, data surveying, planning, marketing basics.

    3. Further deepening of strengths in technique, expression and presentation, self-production experience.

    4. Practical skills for becoming a professional, with endeavors to debut as an artist while still a student.

Master’s / Ph.D Program in Manga

Under the supervision of professional manga artists and researchers, students are able to pursue manga practice, manga theory or animation theory. In collaboration with the International Manga Research Center and Kyoto Manga Museum, which are operated by the University, the School of Manga offers the world’s most advanced Manga research environment.

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