Information for inbound students

Exchange Students

SEIKA offers full-semester exchange to students of 28 institutions with which we currently have formal exchange agreements. We do not accept exchange applications from students of any schools which do not have exchange agreements with SEIKA. All efforts will be made to accept recommended exchange applicants, but SEIKA’s final decision depends on space availability in particular departments. Acceptance by some departments may depend on Japanese language skills.

Please note that SEIKA's departments are virtually autonomous units, with very few interdisciplinary study opportunities. After being accepted by a particular department, you will be expected to take classes only in that area. Exceptions are Graphic Design and Digital Creation, which work closely together. It is also possible to find some overlap between Printmaking and Textiles. Nihonga (Japanese Painting) has very limited capacity for exchange. However this technique is taught as an elective in Faculty of Art.

Application Procedure

Please refer to the following PDF files for full details of application requirements and procedures, pre-departure and post-arrival information, etc

Application Forms for Exchange (PDF files)

Prospective exchange students must be selected and approved by their home institution before applying to SEIKA.

Research Students (Kenkyusei)

In addition to our undergrad and graduate school programs, SEIKA may accept applications for enrollment as a Research Student (kenkyusei) at two levels:

  • 1) Gakubu-kenkyusei (for graduates from a Bachelor’s program), and
  • 2) Daigakuin-kenkyusei (for graduates from a Master’s program).

Research students at both levels apply to join a specific department and work within that area under the guidance of an academic supervisor. They are expected to decide their own research theme, subject to their academic supervisor’s approval. They may audit related classes within the department if permitted by the faculty members who teach those classes, through arrangement by their academic advisor. No credits are given for these classes. Enrollment is generally for one year, but may be approved for just one semester, or up to two years, by the department concerned. Applicants are required to document suitable background with specialized knowledge and practical skills in their field of study. Admission is by a screening process requiring full Faculty meeting approval. Applications are assessed on a “case by case” basis, as SEIKA cannot guarantee the availability of space (in the case of studio subjects) or suitably-qualified academic supervisors. (Each professor is allowed to supervise a maximum of only two additional students).

Japanese language proficiency is essential to gain full benefit from research. All classes are taught in Japanese, and source material is likewise in Japanese. Many teachers speak no English, or very little.The minimum language requirement is equivalent to the level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level III, although an actual test score is not required. If you wish to apply for admission as a Research Student, please be sure to contact the International Office to inquire about availability of suitable classes and an academic advisor, at least two months before application deadline (November 30th for spring semester / May 31st for fall semester).

SEIKA may also accept Monbukagakusho Scholarship Research Students, on a case-by-case basis.
Please note that Graduate School of Manga (Practical Major) requires JLPT N2 as an application eligibility.