Faculty of Manga

Aspiring to contribute to world peace through manga

Many people have personal connections to manga: Some have been uplifted by its stories; others admire the protagonists. Manga and animation are integrated into our daily lives, and influence our way of thinking and living.

SEIKA’s manga curriculum dates back to 1973 when it established its first manga classes. SEIKA then founded the Department of Cartoon & Comic Art in 2000, and the Faculty of Manga in 2006, the first of its kind in Japan. SEIKA has always been a pioneer in the field of manga education, recently adding two new courses, the Gag Manga Course and the Character Design Course in 2013. SEIKA’s Faculty of Manga now offers six courses, growing and evolving into a system that cultivates the diverse talents needed for creating manga.

“Manga is a universal language,” says Keiko Takemiya, a leading manga artist and professor in the Comic Art Course. Expressing your thoughts and feelings through manga is similar to speaking a language. Now Japanese manga is spreading all around the world and is widely accepted, regardless of national or cultural differences. In the same way that speaking multiple languages lets people communicate internationally, we will soon arrive at an era in which drawing manga becomes a global communication tool. SEIKA graduates are spreading around the world, enrapturing people through manga and animation. With the immense creative power of manga and animation, the Faculty aspires to contribute to world peace.

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