Diploma Policy


Cognitive Knowledge, Understanding Possessing knowledge of manga research in Japan and abroad, and analytical ability, as well as being able to express this through skills in Japanese language and IT.
Thinking, Judgement Constantly furthering the academic investigation of artistic expression, culture and society from the perspective of manga, and having the capability to communicate these results to other countries and other fields.
Technique Skills, Expression Setting research issues in a structure relevant to current research conditions for manga and its culture, and presenting grounded research results that are of practical use in other fields.
Emotive Interest, Motivation In conjunction with maintaining respect for scholarly research and a motivation to present the latest topics of discussion, conducting the necessary independent learning for that.
Attitude Valuing on the dialog between readers and practitioners, and promoting and furthering the broad social interaction surrounding manga culture.


Cognitive Knowledge, Understanding Concurrently applying knowledge of international manga and its environment to production work, and also possessing skills in Japanese language and IT for presenting creative work.
Thinking, Judgement Integrating knowledge of manga from the joint perspectives of the practical and theoretical, broadening your own vision through interaction with writers from other fields and countries.
Technique Skills, Expression Based on advanced skills and imagination, creating works contributing to a manga culture that is continually changing through globalization and informatization.
Emotive Interest, Motivation In conjunction with an artistic ambition and imagination beyond the framework of existing manga’s means of expression, always aiming for further development.
Attitude While respecting the need for teamwork, demonstrating an attitude of proactive contribution to global manga culture from an international perspective.