The Graduate School of Design: Master’s Program Classes

The curriculum for the Graduate School of Design features Special Lecture Classes including Design Theory and Creativity Discipline Special Lectures, where scholars learn the foundations of design and creativity. The Design major Special Research Classes offer Design Research, while the Architecture major features Architecture Research and Architectural Planning, fostering practical skills and abilities in Master’s program students.

Special Lecture Classes

Design Theory Special Lecture

Considering Design and Craftmanship in the Present Day

Investigates from a variety of perspectives the question of what role design and crafts can play in present-day society. Also considers the history and theory of contemporary design, including the connections with the arts and manga, and other related cultural areas.

Creativity Discipline Special Lecture 1

Establishing “My Own Artistic Expression”

Freelance editor teaching staff introduce the creative processes of talented designers they have encountered in their careers, helping scholars establish personalized creative expression.

Creativity Discipline Special Lecture 2

Communication Design

Learning the communication design methods for creatively reworking a place for diverse participants to gather together. Eventually, scholars acquire concrete methods to propose communication design by themselves that can resolve social problems.

Creativity Discipline Special Lecutre3

“I’ve made my design. I’ve written my thesis. Now what?”

Through workshops and presentation practice, scholars deepen their understanding of how to present their finished design work or dissertations.

Creativity Discipline Special Lecutre 4

Creative Production & Management

Invites leading active producers to give guest lectures, and allows scholars to learn the methodologies of approach, planning, presentation, and management for developing business in a range of media content production.

Specialist Research Classes: Design Major

Design Research 1 / 2

Acquiring Practical Design at the Research Level

Leads to new conceptualizing methods for exploring all the possibilities of design. Not confined to present-day conceptualization, it also considers philosophy, natural sciences and other academic disciplines, assisting scholars to acquire new concepts and ideas at the research level.

Design Research 1 / 2 (Theory)

Towards a Master’s Thesis (1) (2)

As a foundational step towards writing their Master’s dissertations, scholars receive tutoring on thesis-writing and how to review resources, and study fundamental theoretical texts related to their design research.

Design Research 3 / 4

Master’s Graduation Work Planning & Completion

In Design Research 3 scholars complete their basic research towards shaping their later production work. In Design Research 4 they aim to enhance the completion of their design proposals and the clarity of their vision.

Design Research 3 / 4 (Theory)

Master’s Thesis Writing

In Design Research 3 scholars decide on a research theme for their final thesis and begin full research into resources and texts, laying out their dissertation framework. In Design Research 4 scholars actually write their final Master’s dissertation.

Specialist Research Classes: Architecture Major

Architecture Research 1

Residential Planning

Through small-scale housing projects, scholars participate in the reality of the architecture process, from planning and drawing up blueprints matching client requests, to making proposals and detailed estimates, and site supervision.

Architecture Research 2

Practical Learning by Design Contests

Conducts design contests as part of the practical elements of architectural planning, aquiring knowledge and experience for scholars.

Architecture Research 3

Problems of Contemporary Architecture and Resolutions

Looks at architects as creative people with a social responsibility similar to that of artists, and researches how to create architecture that can somehow reflect that responsibility.

Architecture Research 4

Master’s Planning & Logical Adjustment

At the same time as continuing to develop practically-oriented Master’s planning, writing about the background logic in a thesis document.

Architectural Design Special Lecture

From Image to Architecture

Empirically considering the process of how architectural principles transform into responsibility as a social asset. Studies that mechanism and the details of practical planning.

Leading Architectural Technology Special Lecture

Computers & Architecture

Scholars learn a range of computer software, practically studying analysis of computers and architectural technology, and the architectural technology being made possible by computers.

Architectural Ethics Special Lecture

What are Ethics for Architects?

Aims to provide a program for scholars to each consider and acquire ethics as an architect, through interpreting past case studies and looking at the issues from the perspective of ethics as part of how humans live.

Architectural Structures Class

Fostering Thinking and Sensibilities Necessary for Design Planning Strategists

This class’s primary goal is to foster structural thinking and sensibilities to obtain vital skills as a design planning strategist, learning foundational knowledge and ways of thinking in preparation for the first-grade architects’ examination.

Architectural Facilities Class

Learning Design & Architecture for Realizing Comfortable Living and Environmental Conservation

Acquiring through actual case studies of recent architectural environments and facilities technology, the proficiency and capability to plan and design architectural spaces amenable to humans and meeting environmental requirements.

Architectural Design Supervision Class

Architectural Supervision

Learning about site supervision in architectural planning, through practical coursework on architectural design supervision tasks, and dialog with planners and construction staff at an actual site.