Graduate School of Art: Master’s Program Courses

The curriculum for the Graduate School of Art features Specialist Lecture Classes such as the Art Theory and Creative Expression Special Lectures, where scholars can learn about history and criticism in the arts and fine arts. The Specialist Research Classes are comprised of Art Research, a practical curriculum teaching scholars planning, production, and debating skills as they work towards their final graduation art work or thesis.

Specialist Lecture Classes

Art Theory Special Lecture

What is Art Criticism?

After surveying the history of art criticism from its origins in eighteenth century France through to the present day, scholars look anew at the discipline. Is criticism the possession of an opinion on an artwork or an artist? The course looks multilaterally at questions such as what artworks and artists themselves can gain from criticism, through guest lectures and discussion with tutoring staff.

Creative Expression Special Lecture 1

Approaches to Art Philosophy

Counter to the common assumption that art is something you feel intuitively, lessons begin with thorough debates. The course aims to instill an attitude based on philosophical research through language.

Creative Expression Special Lecture 2

Western Art and Beyond: Expression Out of Cultural Relations

Examines critically the eventual results of conflicts arising from conceptual differences between post-nineteenth centuryWestern European figurative art and the non-Western world. This historical approach will reveal possibilities and directions in the 21st century, characterized by a focus on globalization, giving scholars an authoritive viewpoint on present-day developments.

Creative Expression Special Lecture 3

The Rules of “Creativity” in the Digital Age

Along with learning about legal areas such as intellectual property, this course deals with the art market, art museums and large international exhibitions, and their systems, history of laws, and international trends.

Creative Expression Special Lecture 4

The Possibilities of Art in Contemporary Society

Studies movements in art, including design and architecture, from the Nineties to the present, as well as offering opportunities to learn about curating through hands-on experience.

Specialist Research Classes

Art Research 1

Year Planning and Artwork Research & Reference Texts

Scholars study foundational elements for a range of specialist fields. For example, students in video classes come to know the history of video and installations, as well as overseas video works, through researching video art and media art. Lessons are conducted in Japanese but texts are studied in English, enabling scholars to also acquire overseas literature decoding skills.

Art Research 2

Production and Short Thesis For M-1 Exhibition

Consists mainly of individual tutoring and production work heading towards a final exhibition at the end of the year. Aims to produce better practical work through sharing and enhancing each other’s tasks, via the reading and analyzing of texts, debate, presentations and reports.

Art Research 3

Detailed Planning For Master’s Graduation Work

Reading and studying texts for theoretical research and conducting research of case studies as reference for each scholar’s respective research theme and production work. Upon deciding on their final research and production work schedules, scholars proceed on their own initiative, sharing advice and encouragement through debate and presentations.

Art Research 4

Master’s Graduation Artwork / Thesis & Presentation

Aims to further clarify the framework of final research and practical work, and enhance the level of the results. Integrates textual analysis in order to consider the relationships between individuals and artworks, and between the formation of artworks and society, enhancing perceptions in specialist fields.

Graduate School of Art: Doctorate (Ph.D.) Courses

Art General Research 1

As research preceeding tutoring in Art General Research 2, scholars receive integrated or separate teaching from primary and secondary tutors, according to each scholars’ research field themes.

Art General Research 2

Based on the research results of Art General Research 1, the course conducts research for investigating further advanced level and comprehensive artistic expression.

Art General Research 3

Along with primary and secondary tutors, based on the research results of both Art General Research 1 and Art General Research 2, this module comprises accumulated practical and research work.

Art Research Planning

Features counselling with each scholar according to presentations of their textual research and analysis of their own production work, and individual research parameters and themes, and establishes a research plan for their Doctorate (Ph.D.) curriculum.