Seeing the true potential of sound and its connection with other media

Sound and music are almost always combined with other modes of expression.In dance, the body's movements are subtly intertwined with rhythm, and in film, music is used to affect your emotional state.Our lives are filled with music, from your smartphone's ringtone to the background music at the shopping mall.Students majoring in sound creation focus on just how ubiquitous music really is.How do you write music for theater or video games? Can you improve the background music in shops or the station melodies that announce a train's arrival or departure? What kind of event would best highlight a particular musician's style? By trying to answer these questions, students learn to visualize a more appealing society through sound creation. By treating sound as information, the expressive power of music expands, and by connecting this to the community, the potential of each student expands as well.

Subject Highlights

Introduction to Music Research
Musical scores and records are essential media for conveying musical ideas.At the same time, music itself is also a medium through which people share information. From this perspective, students learn the fundamental issues and research approaches required to study music.
Film Technology Theory 1
Students learn the technologies behind AI-powered algorithmic composition and singing voice synthesizer software like Vocaloid, considering their current application and future potential.They also study the impact of new technologies on the industry, such as the legal implications of music searches for copyrights in the music distribution business.

What You Will Learn

  • Techniques and expertise for sound and music creation
  • The ability to analyze sounds and expand their potential for expression
  • The ability to create new forms of expression by combining sounds and images using information and communications technologies (ICT)

Examples of Graduation Research Topics

  • Creating Generative Music that Adapts to Game Play
  • Producing Interactive Art Using IoT Mini PCs
  • Sound Performance Using Computers
  • Development of an “Ear Training” Regimen to Improve Hearing
  • Sociological Analysis and Critique of Cultural Practices Using Music, Images, and ICT


 Career Opportunities
Music creator, sound engineer, web engineer, event organizer, web media, business (career track), and many more.

Major Employers
Recording studios, concert halls, event planning, broadcasting and streaming services, web production, sound content companies, community development NPOs and NGOs, and many more.