Transforming society through diversified content delivery

In the Image Creation Course, students acquire a breadth of knowledge related to the visual arts and engage in both research and practice. The academic faculty consists of professionals who are active in a variety of fields from art to business to entertainment, enabling students to learn a wide range of output methods. In class, students can use the latest equipment to experience media development in areas such as VR and AR while still at university. We also provide many opportunities for students to present their creations to society. We have established an environment that enables each student to demonstrate their creative abilities and develop skills in their chosen field through productions that include concerts, events, spaces, and videos. Visual expression holds a wide range of possibilities to bring about change in society, from hitherto unseen performances to the recreation of lost cultures and even applications in the medical field.

Subject Highlights

Film Theory 1
Students learn about the evolution of image expression throughout the history of media development. Classes focus on viewing works produced for entertainment, primarily commercially-produced popular films and TV dramas, and students gain an understanding of the theoretical background of these works from the dual perspectives of entertainment and art.
Film Technology Theory 1
Classes focus on the filming and editing techniques required to produce video content. Students learn production techniques and methods of expression for each process and gain an understanding of film and video editing theory, which includes the selection of video and audio equipment, camera work, lighting techniques, and recording techniques.

What You Will Learn

  • The ability to utilize the latest technology to propose a sustainable society
  • Planning skills to create new forms of entertainment and make new connections
  • Proficiency with content creation tools

Examples of Graduation Research Topics

  • Using technology for a video performance at a railway station
  • Developing an official smartphone app in collaboration with an aquarium
  • Developing a VR game that enables players to learn about and protect endangered species
  • Creating and performing a VR installation of cultural heritage


Career Opportunities 
System engineer (SE), programmer, server engineer, web engineer,  entrepreneur, and many more.

Major Employers
The information and communication industry, media companies, the mass media industry, software development, system development, e-commerce, corporate planning and information departments, and many more.