Using fashion design to make the world a happier place

Today, the fashion industry is faced with rethinking the structure of mass production and mass consumption and shifting to more sustainable and healthier production and consumption styles.In the Fashion Course, students pursue wearer-centered design and aim to change society for the better through the power of fashion.In addition to studying garment-making techniques, students discover how fashion can empower others while learning how to research and analyze market needs and promote products in magazines and online.Students also deepen their understanding of fashion and the current state of the industry, aiming to acquire the skills needed to deftly execute the work required of them as well as create and sustain new work on their own.

Subject Highlights

  • Crafting bags to answer the question, “What is good design?”

    [Core Practicum 4 / Year 1]
    Design is both aesthetic and functional.In this course, students make a bag to carry the tools they use in the studio.Through hands-on experience, they learn fashion design concepts while working to create designs that are both functional and visually pleasing.

  • Experience editing magazines to develop communication skills

    [Creative Practice / Year 2]
    In this course, students get hands-on training in four themes: Patterns, Magazine Editing, Fashion Design, and Event Planning.In Magazine Editing, students learn the basics of design through creating their own magazines,first setting an objective and target audience, deciding on content, and finally producing the magazine itself.This also helps students develop their ability to communicate their ideas and deliver results.

What You Will Study

  1. 1STYEAR

    Learn the basics of garment production

    Through practical training, students acquire the basic knowledge and techniques of sewing and patterning and study the materials, functions, and purposes of garment production.They also learn to use design in problem-solving, starting from things close at hand.

  2. 2NDYEAR

    Acquire the knowledge and skills that support creative expression

    Under the guidance of a professional designer, students use an iterative process to create garments and continually improve their design in order to acquire proper knowledge and reliable techniques.

  3. 3RDYEAR

    Communicate the power of fashion to society

    Through production, students discover their own interests and aptitudes.They also participate in projects that include designing collections and brands to further develop their ability to express themselves.

  4. 4THYEAR

    Bringing fashion to society

    Students undertake their graduation work.Whether developing a brand, creating a collection, or launching a fashion magazine, students give shape to their theme and present it to the world.

What You Will Learn

  • The ability to take information and discover and analyze inherent issues
  • The skill and creative expression needed to give shape to ideas and themes
  • The ability to communicate design concepts to others

Student Works


Our floor is equipped with 17 types of special sewing machines for different purposes,allowing students to freely create at any time.


  • Many of our studios have glass walls, creating bright and open spaces where students can work with natural light and see the original colors of the materials.

  • Students are provided a private workspace in a larger area shared by students from all years, encouraging interaction across grade levels.

  • Open spaces deepen exchanges between students and academic faculty during all four years of study.


The ability to create cutting-edge fashion designs, promote and distribute fashion, and critique fashion cultureOur graduates acquire specialized skills and unique values. This enables them to propose new fashion concepts from their own unique standpoint without being swayed by the trends of a rapidly changing fashion industry.

  • World-leading fashion designers
  • Trend-setting shop owners and stylists
  • Patternmakers with reliable skills and sensibilities
  • Editors and writers who work for digital and print magazines


  • TAKENAKA Taisho Current Student

    I want to create clothes that people can wear to accentuate their own unique beauty

    After coming to Kyoto Seika, the first thing I realized was that fashion design is not about putting your ego on display.Clothes are made to be worn,and I have learned the importance of designing for the wearer, focusing not only on appearance but also on comfort and wearability.While working with my instructors, I have made clothes, reflected on them, and made them over again. Through this iterative process, I have begun to make clothes with care, and I think that my work has become more sophisticated.And the best thing about the Fashion Course is that you learn about a lot more than just technique.Students can acquire the various skills they will need to make a living in fashion after graduation, from fashion and business theory to communication skills like vocabulary and sentence structure.I want to challenge myself and try a wide range of things while still in school and absorb and put into practice as many ideas and as much knowledge as I can.Last year, I formed a design team, and together we launched an original brand, “ito,” and participated in “Asia Fashion Collection 7th,” an incubation project in which brands for several Asian countries collaborate.We were selected to represent Japan and will make our runway debut in New York this year.Starting this spring, we plan to put more effort into developing and growing “ito”into a brand that people can wear to accentuate their own unique beauty.
  • YANAGIDA Takeshi Academic Faculty

    During the four years that students study here, we help them develop the ability to create and think.

    I have worked in design for more than 30 yearsand am still designing womenswear.Fashion design has the power to take a person's idea of what is right and beautiful and reflect it into the world.This means that a designer needs more than just composition and modeling skills.How do we even define what is right and what is beautiful in the fist place?What are the things that people need to live?It's important to always be thinking about these questions.In addition to learning production techniques, I try to provide as many opportunities as I can for students to think about these kinds of things during my classes.Kyoto Seika, with its wide variety of faculties, provides a stimulating environment where students have plenty of opportunities to explore new horizons.Experts often discover great ideas from working across industries,and I dare you to do the same.While you are in school, focus on diving deep into your studies above all else.To make your time at Kyoto Seika as meaningful as it can be, you must strive to better yourself.Feeling yourself improve is one of the most exciting things there is and will drive you to continue to grow.Think of these four years as a chance to change your future. Set a goal for yourself as soon as you can, learn what you need to learn, and make your dreams come true.