About Kyoto Seika University


Year Matters
1968 April
・Kyoto Seika Junior College was founded by School Corporation Kyoto Seika Gakuen. It comprised two Departments, Art and English.
1969 April
・Dyeing course established, Department of Art.
1970 April
・Visual Design Class and Creative Design Class established, Department of Art.
・Junior College Graduate School established in Art and English.
1973 April
・Sculpture course, Design Class and Manga Class established, Department of Art.
1979 April
・Kyoto Seika University founded. Faculty of Art, Department of Fine Art, (Oil Painting, Japanese Painting, Sculpture) and Department of Design (Design, Dyeing, Manga) established.
・Junior College renamed Division of Junior College.
1982 April
・Department of Art Faculty of Junior College and Junior College Graduate School of Art were abolished.
1987 April
・Printmaking Course and Ceramics Course established, Department of Fine Art, Faculty of Art.
・Urban Living Design Course established Department of Design, Faculty of Art
・Dyeing Course changed its name to Textile Design Course and Design Course changed its name to Visual Communication Course.
1989 April
・Department of Humanities established, Faculty of Humanities.
1991 April
・Master’s Programs in Fine Arts and Design established, Graduate School of Art.
・Urban Living Design Course, Department of Design, Faculty of Art changed its name to Architecture Course.
・Division of Junior College abolished.
1993 April
・Graduate School of Humanities established.
・School Corporation Kino Gakuen founded.
2000 March
・ISO14001Certification acquired.
・Department of Environmental and Social Studies established, Faculty of Humanities.
・Faculty of Art (Bijutsu) changed its name to Faculty of Art (Geijutsu) and Graduate School of Art (Bijutsu) changed its name to Graduate School of Art (Geijutsu).
・Visual Communication Design Course restructured, Department of Design, Faculty of Art. Visual Communication Design Course, Video & Media Arts Course and Product Communication Course established.
・Department of Manga established, Faculty of Art (Story Manga Course and Cartoon Manga Course).
2001 July
・Kyoto Seika University Organization for Human Contact founded.
2003 April
・School Corporation Kino Gakuen changed its name to School Corporation Kyoto Seika University.
・Departments of Social and Media Studies and Cultural and Art Studies established, Faculty of Humanities.
・Doctoral Course established, Graduate School of Art.
2006 April
・Faculty of Design established with Departments of Visual Design, Product Design and Architecture.
・Faculty of Manga established with Departments of Manga, Manga Production and Animation.
・Departments of Material Expression and Media Arts established, Faculty of Art.
・Kyoto International Manga Museum founded as a joint project of Kyoto City and Kyoto Seika University.
2008 April
・Merged with School Corporation International Gakuen; (Special Technical School Kyoto Interact Art School).
2009 April
・Department of Environment and Society, Social Media and Art and Popular Culture restructured. Department of Liberal Arts founded.
2010 April
・Graduate School of Art restructured. Graduate School of Design, Masters Programs of Design and Architecture and Graduate School of Manga, Masters program of Manga established.
2012 April
・Doctoral Course established,Graduate School of Manga.
2013 April
・Department of Popular Culture(Music Course and Fashion Course) established, Faculty of Popular Culture.
・Department of Visual Design restructured, Department of Illustration founded.
・Gag Manga Course and Character Design Course established, Department of Manga.
2016 April
・Manga Production Course and Gag Manga Course discontinued.
2017 April
・New Generation Manga Course opened, Department of Manga.
2018 ・Fall Semester: Celebration of 50th Anniversary of Foundation of Kyoto Seika