“Compared to my first year,
I feel like I was a completely
different person in my
fourth year of school.”

Photo: Yamato Watanabe

Yo Bi | Taiwan
Designer & Model
Illustration Course
2015 Graduate

1. Why I decided to attend Kyoto Seika University:

While I was attending Taibei High School in Taiwan, which is connected to Kyoto Seika University, I participated in an information seminar during my sophomore year. I learned that Seika was a well-known university teaching Manga and became interested. Soon after, I attended a language school in Japan and visited the campus with one of my senpais that was attending Seika University at the time. I saw people participating in fun activities such as flea markets and dance. This lively atmosphere made me feel that I would be able to pursue what I desired freely. That's when I decided to take the entrance examination.

2. What I learned in Kyoto Seika University:

During my time in the university, I was able to learn how to self-manage. When I had a fascination with human faces and their expressions, and I would aim to produce a hundred drawings a day. Up until my second year, I was not able to live the college life that I had imagined. I ran into language barriers and felt a gap in skills with my peers. However, once I started my part-time job and internship, I was able to overcome such obstacles by having fun and learning simultaneously. Now that I look back on it, compared to my first year, I feel like I was a completely different person in my fourth year of school.

3. The attractiveness of Seika:

I like that Kyoto Seika University is a free place to be. My friends from other universities have told me that flea markets in university campuses are unusual. Also, I like the international aspect of Seika as well. Sometimes, when there was a party in one of the dormitories, I took the opportunity to communicate with people from all over the world. Although my English is limited, it was possible to interact with people from different cultures.

4. Life in Japan:

There are a lot of drinking parties. There aren't many countries in which the professors join their students for drinks. Also, it's interesting to interact with people who you usually don't talk to at drinking parties. But, there are occasions when people tend to forget what they talked about the next day.

5. The impression of working in Japan:

I feel that work life and private life is divided properly. In Taiwan, many people talk about their family and their partner openly at their workplace. Occasionally when someone fights with their boyfriend, you can tell that they are in a bad mood and makes it difficult to approach them even in the office for the entire day. In Japan, things like that don't occur. Currently, I am a model while working in the creative industry. I am able to simultaneously do what I enjoy while working flexibly.

6. Future prospects:

One day, I am hoping to publish a book that will introduce my own individual culture.
I would like to design the book and include some of my modeling portraits as well as my illustrations to exhibit my own culture.

7. A message for prospective students:

Language skills are the most important factor. I first began a part-time job because I knew that in order to learn a language, I had to change myself. I would highly encourage people to take on a part-time job. When you start working, your Japanese improves naturally because you have no choice but to use the language. There are even part-time jobs at the university. Since you are already here, actively communicate in Japanese and enjoy your four years!