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What is humanity? How can the world be changed for the better? Through the studies of literature, history and society, the Department of Liberal Arts considers the questions.

In this age of globalization, is it really a good thing to strive only for economic wealth and scientific development? Couldn't there be a problem, with less and less communication between people, that connections to "place" (local and regional communities) are being lost?
As we look at all the things that go on in the world, what can we say brings happiness to people?

What is it be human? How should society be? The "liberal arts" is sought after precisely because it considers these questions in the context of today.

At the Department of Liberal Arts, we foster people who can move forward, without getting caught up by constant societal and generational shifts, and have the strength and integrity to create social changes with hope for "humanity" and "society."

Featured Curriculum

  • 1. Deepen your knowledge through literature, history and society.
    After the first year of deepening studies in literature, history and society, from the second year you will choose one of three subjects to to further your specialization. Also, by going beyond your specialization in intermediate courses, you will be able to deepen your studies with a wider perspective.

    2. Know yourself and gain the ability to communicate with others.
    Get to know many distinct, different kinds of words that are all around us, and find the words that aid you to communicate who you are in the Kotoba Workshop as well as learn foreign languages, beginning with English. Through these programs you will grow as a person with the ability to express your thoughts in this world.

    3. Solving problems in society through the Social Design Program.
    From the 2nd Year, you will look into society around you and learn ways to solve problems in everyday life. You will polish your ability to generate problem-solving ideas and apply what you have researched in society.

    4. Get to know and learn from the world in the Fieldwork Program.
    During the first term of the 3rd Year, you will experience different cultures through fieldwork in both Japan and abroad. By encountering different values, customs, and social settings, new points of view may be made.

Humanities Field Program

All students at Humanities participate Humanities Field Program to learn outside Japan. Seika has a partnership with 12 countries mainly focused fast-growing countries in Asia, North Central America and Europe. In this program, students could learn language and culture through performing a fieldwork designed based on their interest.

Master’s Program in Humanities

The Graduate School of Humanities covers most areas of research related to humanity and society. In particular, we engage with contemporary issues by looking into cultural contents, such as movies, manga, games, etc., and discuss topics in contemporary society such as community, religion, and gender. At times, students conduct research in collaboration with other schools to gain different perspectives and facilitate fruitful discussions.

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