Career Support

Career Support

Starting from their freshman year, we offer students career support programs assisting them to assess future careers and occupations. Our Career Support Office holds courses and guidance sessions for first- and second-year students, focusing on information gathering and self-analysis. The office assists third- and fourth-year students to make a wide variety of choices upon graduation by making facilities available to research companies, and providing courses on employment tests and job interview techniques. Additionally, programs such as the Internship Program and Fieldwork Program, distinctive opportunities offered by Kyoto Seika, foster practical skills necessary for success in the outside world. Such experiences, which cannot be gained merely through classroom studies, greatly assist students in shaping their future.

Career Support Office

Please contact the Career Support Office if you have any concerns or questions regarding employment and career paths. Feel free to come by our office for employment counseling, including assistance with practical issues such as job-hunting and job interview simulations, qualifications and skills, and student life in general.

Documents available for viewing at Career Support Office

  • - Individual company profiles
  • - Books related to employment and company yearbooks
  • - Job postings and company information sessions
  • - Reports on job-hunting by alumni; their portfolios
  • - Job postings for students of the Faculty of Art
  • - Newspapers and magazines etc.