Be inspired by Kyoto’s dynamic popular culture and
superb traditional arts!
Take this opportunity to experience the city’s
unique, richly fascinating, world-renowned heritage!

Program concept

‘Kyoto Inspiration’ is a special program providing participants with insights into how Kyoto’s traditional culture has provided a base, nurture and inspiration for innovations in past and present-day Japan’s popular media and arts. Drawing from a wide spectrum of interrelated sources, we will build an overview of how ongoing creative, social, aesthetic, spiritual and worldly influences from Kyoto’s past have contributed to shaping present-day popular media and culture, including manga, anime, fashion, and game development.

Academic status

This program is open to university/college students or graduates, in principle. Priority is given to students of our partner institutions. Graduating high school seniors may also be considered, No academic credits are given, but a certificate of completion will be provided. A transcript can also be provided if required for independent study documentation.


‘Kyoto Inspiration’ is a 12-day program, comprising lectures and field trips. In 2018 it will be held from Monday, July 2 through Friday, July 13. Application period: March 1 – April 30. Inquiries welcome!

Two free days are scheduled for participants’ personal explorations.


Mostly shared rooms will be provided on campus (included in program fee), with a one-night temple stay (also included).



(with translation from Japanese where necessary)