Faculty of Popular Culture

Music and fashion create a new “me,” a new world

We discover who people are through their choice of music and clothes. Talking about our favorite song by a certain musician or the style of clothes we buy at a certain clothing store help people to understand who we are . Today music and fashion have become fundamental tools for expressing our individuality. Deep understanding of music and fashion thus guides us to learn our own identities, worldviews, aesthetic sense, and the relationships with people and society.

SEIKA’s Faculty of Popular Culture, the first program of its kind in the country, approaches this new culture academically. It prepares students to become the next generation of creators by producing music and fashion, delivering content to audiences and the outside world, and researching relevant history and creative methods. Furthermore, by integrating music and fashion the faculty also equips students with the capability to generate new work, and as yet unnamed fields and jobs.

Our faculty members are leading artists at the forefront of the era, and have pioneered new scenes and genres. Their words and talent provide immense stimulation and inspiration. Popular culture creates a “me,” connects people, and even changes the world.

Features of the Department of Popular Culture

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    Learn techniques and philosophy directly from top-class artists
    Our faculty members are active artists who have built up their own worlds through their unique creativity. These include musicians and producers in the Music Course, fashion designers and pattern makers in the Fashion Course, and researchers pioneering in theory and criticism in their respective areas. Learning directly from leading professionals expands your talent and potential.
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    Simultaneous and integrated study of music and fashion
    Music and fashion have mutually influenced each other and jointly created culture and trends. The Faculty of Popular Culture encourages students to learn about these two fields simultaneously and connect them together. Creating new sites of activity, such as stage shows and events presenting costume and sound, and stores and cafés featuring both music and apparel, what you do depends on your inspiration.
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    With the focus on “making,” obtain the ability to be a producer and critic
    While creating things is the first priority in the world of music and fashion, that alone cannot shape popular culture. It requires producers who provide talented artists with opportunities for showcasing their work, and writers and editors to analyze and accurately critique the history, ―and styles of popular culture, and the demands of the era. The Faculty of Popular Culture instructs students to become working professionals who contribute to popular culture from diverse positions.
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    Acquire the ability to deliver your work to audiences and the outside world
    Today we are witnessing the collapse of the vested business models exercised by large corporations and the mass media. More possibilities are emerging for independent artists to distribute their work via the Internet and word of mouth. Students will acquire different techniques for distributing content, such as running websites, event planning, and editing and producing magazines.

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