Faculty of manga Department of Manga

Department of Manga

Creating new forms of manga through specialist and integrated learning

The Department of Manga consists of five courses which prepare students to become contributors to Manga culture: The Cartoon Art Course, the Comic Art Course, the Manga Production Course, the Gag Manga Course, and the Character Design Course.

From 2013 practical inter-course classes have been set up which allow students from every course to select classes according to their fields of interests and future career paths. For example, students from the Comic Art Course select the Digital Production class in order to study digital manga, and students from the Character Design Course who want to animate the characters they create can also select the Animation class. By taking these classes students acquire knowledge and techniques from beyond the limits of their specialization, expanding the breadth of their creativity.

The Department also offers a set of classes for practical vocational seminars, assisting students to improve their drawing skills, and to obtain knowledge of editing and proofreading. Moreover there are classes allowing students from different courses to collaborate and create joint projects. By this crossover—integrated learning of manga that is also specialized, the five courses produce new forms of creative expression.