Traditional Crafts Internship

Internship Program in Traditional Craftsmanship in Kyoto

Seika’s Unique Approach: Internship Program in Traditional Craftsmanship

Kyoto Seika University offers outstanding opportunities for our students to gain familiarity with living traditions through its special Internship Program at traditional craft workshops and industry. By working with master artisans, participating students’ own creativity is stimulated, and they experience the unique benefits of studying arts in Kyoto.

Experience Program

Experience Kyoto’s living traditions

In Kyoto traditional crafts and culture – such as dyeing and weaving, ceramics and porcelain, lacquer, and incense – remain active even today. The Faculties of Art, Design, and Manga feature an Internship Program focused on traditional crafts for junior and senior students(must be enrolled full-time at Seika), providing hands-on experience at the workshops for a period of two weeks during the summer break. Participation in the lecture course on Kyoto’s Traditional Art and Crafts(see below) is a prerequisite. A wide selection of placements are available to students in areas outside their course curriculum, allowing them to directly experience Kyoto arts and crafts. Every year many students discover entirely new possibilities and perspectives by participating in this unique program.

Internship Program in Traditional Craftsmanship in Kyoto: List of Placements

Textiles Kawashima Selkon Textiles Co.,Ltd.
Textiles Kiri Hooked Rug Factory
Weaving (Tsuzure-ori) Hosomi Tsuzureori Kobo
Kyoto Style embroidery (Kyo-nui) Nuisho Kida Koyo
Dyeing and Weaving (Kyo-yuzen) Chiso Co.,Ltd.
Dyeing and Weaving Shozan Co.,Ltd.
Natural Dyeing of Braids Tozaburo Himo Inc.
Dyeing Sometsukasa Yoshioka
Echizen Style Handmade Japanese Paper (Echizen-washi) Iwano Heizaburo Paper Manufacturer Co., Ltd.
Echizen Style Handmade Japanese Paper (Echizen-washi) Yamaki Seishijo
Kurodani Style Handmade Japanese Paper (Kurodani-washi) Handmade Paper Kobo Fukuro
Paper-Covered Sliding Doors (Kyo-karakami) Karacho
Kyoto Style Printmaking (Kyo-hanga) Sato Woodblock Print Kobo
Kiyomizu Ningyo Takahashi Takeshi
Ceramics and Porcelain (Kyo-yaki, Kiyomizu-yaki) Sawamura Tosai Kobo
Ceramics and Porcelain Takenaka Ko Kobo
Lacquer Crafts Koken Urushi Kobo
Lacquer Crafts Lacquer Crafts Kobo Shiun
Bamboo Crafts (Henso) Chikubisai-Masaichi Ishida
Woodwork Arts (Kyo-sashimono) Miyazaki Mokuzai Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Woodwork Arts (Kyo-sashimono) Nakagawa Mokkougei Hira Kobo
Kyoto Style Dolls (Kyo-ningyo) Mensho Kobo
Kyoto Style Inlay Work (Kyo-zougan) Kawahitozogan Co., Ltd.
Kyoto Metal Crafts (Kazari-kanagu) Morimoto Kazari-kanagu Factory Co., Ltd.
Cultural Property Restoration Sawano Dogen Co., Ltd.
Kyoto Style Mounting (Kyo-hyogu) and Cultural Property Restoration Oka Bokkodo Co., Ltd.
Kyoto Style Landscape Gardening (Kyo-zoen) Ueji (Ogawa Jihei)
Incense Shoeido Co., Ltd.

Traditional Arts and Crafts of Kyoto

The Traditional Arts and Crafts of Kyoto course is a prerequisite in preparation for the Internship Program. Lectures on traditional arts and crafts are given at each session by a wide range of guest speakers, such as researchers, artists, craftsmen, and designers. The course, held in both Spring and Fall semesters, offers an opportunity to gain familiarity with traditional craft industries and is open not only to Seika students, but also to auditing students from other universities, as well as the general public. Please note that lectures are given in Japanese.

Traditional Arts and Crafts of Kyoto (2015 Course)

Selected Past Programs

Kyoto Style Sweets Tomizo Yamaguchi (President, Suetomi)
Gion Matsuri and Imported Dyeing and Weaving Wares Kojiro Yoshida (Chairman, Gion Matsuri Yamaboko Rengokai)
Yuzenzome - Technique and Molding Experimentation Kunihiko Moriguchi (Living National Treasure) (Dyeing Artist)
Kyoto Style Townhouses, Courteous Living Fusae Kojima (Director, Research Society for the Regeneration of Kyoto Style Townhouse)
Sparkling Kimono Beauty Kihachi Tahata (Chairman, Association of Japan Dyeing and Weaving Artists)
Japanese Traditional Colors and Kyoto Nature Sachio Yoshioka (Artist, specializing Natural Dyes)