Faculty of design Department of Visual Design

Department of Visual Design

Interaction between two courses creates new chemical reactions

The Department of Visual Design offers two courses: Graphic Design and Digital Creation. The amalgamated curriculum fosters visual information designers who can respond to a diversity of media. Students on the two courses learn together in their first and third academic years, while accruing specialist knowledge and skills separately over the second and fourth years. The first year makes full use of students' minds and hands to teach the foundations of visual design, including sketching, typography, ideation, character design, communication design and sensory design. The third year features project-based classes applying students' skills and know-how to wider society. This includes such projects as producing a restaurant, with Graphic Design Course students undertaking the design for the logo to be used on posters or the website, while their Digital Creation Course peers conceive of marketing strategies that utilize social media. Classes throughout the four years enable students to attain specialist skills in design, learning to use photography, online videos, websites, and desktop publishing from the foundations to the practical application.