Faculty of design Graphic Design Course

Department of Product Design

From making things to making a new society and richer life

The framework of learning is the same for both the Product Communication and Life Creation courses. At its core are four main areas: Attaining the theory and knowledge needed in product design; attaining the ability to create form that is fundamental to a designer; learning about the characteristics of different materials, such as ceramics, plastics, bamboo and lacquer—and how to work with them; and attaining production skills using computers and 3D models.

Each class is structured so that students acquire the basics of design in their first and second years, and then further their specialties in the third and four years. As their studies become more specialized, the essentials of each course come to the surface. The Product Communication Course teaches design that involves consciousness of nature and the environment, such as for electronic appliances and bicycles, with students aspiring to become product designers who can transform our values and contribute to the world. Meanwhile, the Life Creation Course is concerned with interior design, such as furniture and lighting, as well as editorial, cutlery and packaging design, with students seeking to make life more fun and more comfortable.