Faculty of Design

Design can make society a happier place

Through ideas and technology design can change today’s society and people's lives into something happier. One idea can make society better. Technology makes those ideas a reality: Changing the value of things and communities, making people realize the appeal of something anew, creating things that make lifestyle vibrant, connecting people together through new services and places, or changing family relationships by building new spaces. Design has this power. From personal lifestyle through to global dilemmas, it resolves fundamental problems.

Design is today in demand in a range of places in society. At the SEIKA Faculty of Design, students learn design from four approaches: Illustration, Visual Design, Product Design, and Architecture. Each course teaches specialist technical skills through practical modules, while also providing a design education that forms the foundation for creative expression through lectures. This faculty offers a departure point for deeper consideration of how people live their lives and what can make people happy in life and society, working to solve problems and create new values.

Design is not just making something that looks nice. True designers aim to create something that will make people, organizations, the areas where you live, Japan and the world a happier place.

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