Faculty of art

Why study art now? How should you tackle art?

Depicting your emotions and the thoughts surging up inside you, and shaping your images into form: Art is the crystallization of individual ideas and ways of life. Artworks that reflect an in-depth investigation of your inner self then arrive at universal themes and move the viewers. It has the power to appeal to our emotions no matter how many centuries pass.

The Faculty of Art offers seven fields of expertise. While deepening their specialties in these areas—Oil Painting, Japanese Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics, Textiles, Printmaking, and Video & Media Arts—students also pursue the personal creativity that is right for them. The production facilities of the Faculty of Art are among the best offered by art colleges in Japan. Every student has his or her own allocated production space. Also provided are workshops for different printmaking methods, a papermaking workshop, a photography studio with a darkroom, large-scale looms, and sculpture workshops for each type of material. In this rich environment students channel their ideas into their work while searching for their inner worlds. Students concentrate on production work, day in and day out, drawing and giving form to their shapeless emotions and images.

The work you create out of your inner world will reach other people, resonating with them, and eventually changing the way they think or live. And that is the start of changing the world. Your work has the ability to change the world.

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