Admissions Schedules and Numbers of Students to be Admitted

Enrollment Process

The enrollment process is completed upon final payment of all enrollment procedure monies (enrollment fees, and tuition and other miscellaneous fees).
The payment form is enclosed with the notice of acceptance. Please pay all the enrollment fees by the deadline. Enrollment fees (application fees) can not be returned once they have been paid.

Return of Paid Fees

Successful applicants who, upon completion of the enrollment procedures, decline their admission to the University in order to enroll at another institution and wish to have their paid fees returned, should be sure to complete and submit a Payment Refund Application Form (enclosed with the notice of acceptance).

Submission Deadline Must arrive by postal mail delivery on the day of March 31st (Sun.), 2019, or by 17:00 of that same day if delivered directly by hand to the University.
  • Upon completion of the withdrawal from enrollment procedures, the monies already paid for the tuition and miscellaneous fees will be returned. The enrollment fees (application fees) will not be returned
  • Applications submitted after the deadline will not have any paid fees returned.
  • Further details are provided to successful applicants.