Access Guide

SEIKA is in the northern hills of Kyoto, with easy access to or from downtown.



Take the Karasuma subway line (running north from Kyoto Station) all the way to its northern terminus, Kokusai-kaikan. At Kokusai-kaikan there is only set of one ticket-gates. Turn right, and go past the ticket machines, along the long underground corridor to the escalator (or an elevator) that takes you up to exit #3, at Takaragaike Street. Turn right (towards Mt Hiei, in the north-east) and cross the small side street. Go past the phone box, and you will soon see the Seika free shuttle bus stop, marked by a blue sign. (Buses usually run every 10 minutes, more often at peak times). Seika’s on-campus bus stop is conveniently located in front of the Honkan (Administration Building).


Take the #5 city bus (it runs from Kyoto Station through mid downtown and Okazaki, then along Shirakawa Street on the east side of Kyoto) up to Kokusai-kaikan. From the Kokusai-kaikan bus station, go out to the main road and turn right (this takes you to subway exit #3 mentioned above). Follow the above instructions for Seika's shuttle bus.


From Kokusai-kaikan station ticket-gate go straight ahead towards the convenience store, looking for the concealed elevator opposite the stairs. Go up to the street level, exit to the right, and you'll see taxis waiting.


If you reach Kokusai-kaikan by bus, you will see the taxi rank just in front of the bus stops, by the subway main entrance.


The Eiden is a private line that runs from Demachi-yanagi (the terminus of the Keihan line from Osaka) to Kurama. At Demachi-yanagi, take trains that leave from either platform 1 or 2, (NOT 3 - that train goes to Yase, at the foot of Mt Hiei) and get off at Kyoto Seika Dai-mae (about 20 minutes). Cross over the footbridge to our campus, go up the steps to the plaza between the Johokan (Library) and cafeteria building. A path downhill to the right will take you to the Administration building.

Getting to SEIKA from Kansai International Airport

JR Haruka Express

80 minutes to Kyoto.
*If you buy a one-day JR West Rail Pass - Kansai Area, you can reduce the cost of a Haruka ride. Available at the JR station ticket office at KIX.
From Kyoto Station to SEIKA see the information above.

Airport Limousine Bus

Approx. 1hr 30min - 1hr 45min to Kyoto Station.
The Kyoto stop is in front of the Avanti Building, on the south side of Hachijo-guchi street, opposite the station. After arriving, go downstairs to the B1 basement level, take the underground passage north, under the street, to the subway station. From Kyoto Station to SEIKA see the information above.

Yasaka shuttle van

Online reservation is available until 12:00 pm midday (Japan Time) of 2 days before your trip.
No service for arrivals after 9pm
Door to door (KIX-->Kyoto) with one large bag/case and carry-ons.
Show your student ID and get some yen discount!