Faculty / Department Organization



Faculty Department/School Course Admission
Art Fine Arts Oil Painting/Japanese Painting/Sculpture 448
Material Expression Ceramics/Textile 256
Media Arts Printmaking/Video & Media Arts 256
Design Illustration Illustration 256
Visual Design Graphic Design/Digital Creation 256
Product Design Product Communication Design/Interior Product Design 192
Product Communication/Life Creation
Architecture Architecture 128
Manga Manga Cartoon/Comic Art/Manga Production/Gag Manga/Character Design 672
Animation Animation 256
Popular Culture Popular Culture Music/Fashion 472
Humanities Humanities (Select Course from second year)
Contemporary Cultural Expression/Intercultural Communication/Japanese and Asian Culture/Environment and Future/Contemporary Society and Humanity
Total 4,392

Graduate Schools

  Department/School Course Admission
Graduate Schools Arts Master's Program Art 40
Doctor's Program Art 15
Design Master's Program Design 20
Architecture 10
Manga Master's Program Manga 40
Doctor's Program Manga 12
Humanities Master's Program Humanities 20
Total 157