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Registration & Accommodation


We look forward to seeing you here in Kyoto!
for registration and accomodation

Deadline for On-line(In Advance) registration, accommodations and tours
extended until March 10, 2008
Deadline for Paymnet
extended until March 10, 2008

Credit Card or Bank Transfer is accepted for the Cumulus Kyoto 2008.
In order to make your reservations, a full deposit will be required.

Registration Fee

Registration fee is flat rate.

  In Advance On Site
Cumulus Member 20,000 yen (about 120 euro) 23,000 yen (about 140 euro)
Non-Cumulus Member 25,000 yen (about 150 euro) 28,000 yen (about 170 euro)
Student 5,000 yen (about 30 euro) 6,000 yen (about 35 euro)

Programs and Paticipant’s Classification

Programs Venue Cumulus
March 28 (Fri) International Design Forum ICC Kyoto Open to public
Welcome Reception Grand Prince Hotel Kyoto o o x
March 29 (Sat) International Design Sessions Kyoto Seika Univ. o o o
Cumulus Working Group 1 Kyoto Seika Univ. o o x
Lunch (Lunch Box) Kyoto Seika Univ. o o o
Noh Play Noh Theater o x x
“Design for Happiness”
Award Ceremony & Reception
COCON Karasuma o o x
March 30 (Sun) International Publicity Booths Exhibition Kyoto Seika Univ. o o o
Corporate Design Seminar Kyoto Seika Univ. o o o
Cumulus Working Group 2 Kyoto Seika Univ. o x x
Lunch (Lunch Box) Kyoto Seika Univ. o o o
Educational Exchange Forum
by Art and Design Universities
Kyoto Seika Univ. o o o
Honda Workshop Presentation Kyoto Seika Univ. o o o
Farewell Party Kyoto Seika Univ. o o x


March 27(Thu) - 31(Mon)

Accommodation name Room Type
Single Twin Twin room/
single occupancy
[ Deluxe ]
Grand Prince Hotel Kyoto - JPY 13,000 JPY 20,000
March 29 (Sat) - JPY 15,000 JPY 22,000
3min. walk from Kokusai-kaikan Stn. (1min.walk from the venue,ICCK) access
Kyoto Hotel Okura JPY 21,000 JPY 19,950 JPY 32,000
March 29 (Sat) JPY 24,000 JPY 21,600 JPY 34,100
Directly Linked to Kyoto Shiyakusyo-mae Stn. on Subway Tozai Line. [16min.subway ride to Shiyakusyo-mae/Kokusai-kaikan] access
Hotel Nikko Princess Kyoto - JPY 12,600 JPY 19,950
March 29 (Sat) - 15,750 24,150
3min.walk from Exit 6 at Shijo Stn.on Subway Karasuma Line. [16min.subway ride to Shijo/Kokusai-kaikan] access
The Westin Miyako Kyoto - JPY 20,500 JPY 30,000
2min.walk from Keage on Subway Tozai Line.[20min.subway ride to Keage/Kokusai-kaikan] access
Hotel Granvia Kyoto - JPY 17,500 JPY 33,000
Directly accessible from JR Kyoto Stn. [20min.subway ride to Kyoto/Kokusai-kaikan] access
[ Superior ]
[Superior] Hotel Monterey Kyoto JPY 19,800 JPY 14,000 JPY 26,000
2min.walk from Oike Stn. on Subway Karasuma Line.[14min. subway ride to Oike/Kokusai-kaikan] access
[ Standard ]
Hearton Hotel Kyoto JPY 11,500 JPY 10,000 JPY 14,800
2min.walk from Exit 1 at Oike Stn.on Subway Karasuma Line. access
Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shijo JPY 9,800 JPY 8,800 JPY 12,800
6min.walk from Shijo Stn.on Subway Karasuma Line.(16min.subway ride to Shijo/Kokusai-kaikan) access
[ Economy ]
Hotel Gimmondo Kyoto JPY 9,500 JPY 8,000 JPY 13,500
2min.walk from Oike Stn.on Subway Karasuma Line.(14min.subway ride to Oike/Kokusai-kaikan access
Hotel Hokke Club Kyoto JPY 9,500 - -
1min.walk from Karasuma-chuoguchi Exit at Kyoto Stn. access
Via Inn Kyoto Shijo Muromachi JPY 7,000 - -
4min. walk from Exit 24 at Shijo Stn. access

Cancellation Policy

Untill Feb. 28 2008 By credit card : Full refund
By bank transfer : the payment minus JPY 5.000 (approx.31.25 euro)
Feb. 29 2008 - Mar. 27 2008 By credit card : the payment minus JPY5.000 (approx.31.25 euro)
By bank transfer : the payment minus JPY 10.000 (approx.62.5 euro)
On & after Mar. 28 2008 No Refund


Permutation: replacement of one person by another one from the same organization with the same status is permitted.

*Please note* We MUST be informed about the permutation.

Until Feb. 28 2008---Please follow the next step.

  1. Click "confirm/change"button on your left.
  2. Click "Registration Number" to change "Name"and "category"if necessary.
  3. Click "Submit(change registration)" to find new "Registration History".

From Feb. 29 2008 - Mar. 27 2008: Please contact NTA Business support

by e-mail or fax.(In charge: Mike Kitatsugi)


Please bring the original registrant's receipt with you.
If this conditon is not filled, the person coming to the conference will be charged the On-site registration fee.


If you need to have VISA issued, please contact

with information listed below......

    (same as your passport)
    (same as your passport)
  • Nationality
  • DATE OF BIRTH (dd/mm/yy)
  • SEX
  • OCCUPATION(affiliation)

Please try to contact us by the end of February . If not, we cannot guarantee to prepare your visa before the conference.