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International Design Sessions

The concept of [cu:] “Emptiness” will be examined from three separate points of view, in presentations of research papers selected by the CUMULUS review committee. Two chairpersons will preside over each session, providing introductions and summaries.

Oral and Poster Presentations


29 March, 2008
Kyoto Seika University

Session Themes

Session 1:

History, Tradition and Craft: Rethinking Modernity and Locality in Design
Session Chair: FUJITA Haruhiko / SATOW Morihiro

Session 2:

Nature, Togetherness and Sustainability: Theoretical and Practical Perspective on Design
Session Chair: MIYAKE Riichi / ARAI Kiyokazu

Session 3:

Safety in Contemporary Design: Approaches to the Issues in Social and Individual Welfare
Session Chair: HAYASHI Haruo / SACKO Oussouby

Sessions are for Cumulus members, designers, scholars, researchers, and students in related areas of design.

The Sessions are closed to the public, registration fee is required.