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Programs & Events

March 28 (Fri)

International Design Forum
Location : Kyoto International Conference Center
Welcome Reception

March 29 (Sat)

International Design Sessions
Location : The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto
Noh Play
Location : Kawamura Noh Theater
Manga Anime Cosplay Event
Location : Kyoto International Manga Museum
International Design Competition for Students
Award Ceremony

March 30 (Sun)

Educational Exchange Forum
Location : Kyoto Seika University
Institutions' Publicity Booths Exhibition
Location : Kyoto Seika University
Corporate Design Seminar
Location : Kyoto Seika University
Honda Design Workshop Presentation
Location : Kyoto Seika University
Farewell Party
Location : Kyoto Seika University

March 31 (Mon)

Optional Excursions
*Cumulus Member's Only

Other Events

[CU:]Exhibition:Selected Works form Kyoto Seika University Degree Show 2007
Location : Kyoto Seika University
The Exhibition "Learning from Handcrafts: The Sites of Traditional Industries in Kyoto"
Location : The Museum of Kyoto / Date : March 23 - 30
Exhibition of Works by Japanese Students studying in Finland
Location : Gallery MARONIE & Sakaimachi Garow / Date : March 25 - 30
International Design Competition for Students
Location : COCON KARASUMA / Date : March 27 - April 3
Honda Design Workshop
Location : Kyoto Seika University / Date : March 27 - 30
Kyoto Seika University Product Design Students in collaboration with Brunello Imbottiti (Milano): Exhibition
Location : the Kansai Electric Power Co. inc. Happi e Life Square Kyoto / Date : March 27 - 30